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Northwest Pipe Company Introduces the InfraShield® Seismic Resilient Joint System
Revolutionary joint system improves the resilience and longevity of steel water transmission pipelines in geohazard and earthquake zones.

VANCOUVER, Wash., Jan. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Northwest Pipe Company (Nasdaq: NWPX), a leading manufacturer of water-related infrastructure including engineered pipeline systems and precast products is now manufacturing a seismic resilient joint system for steel water transmission pipelines that can be used in conjunction with other pipeline systems.

The InfraShield® Seismic Resilient Joint System builds upon the proven performance of C200 steel pipe and adds a small projection in the pipe wall that effectively transfers tensile and compression forces associated with seismic events. The patent-pending technology has undergone rigorous testing to simulate performance during seismic, differential settlement, and landslide events, as well as in areas with liquefaction hazards. 

Made in the USA with sustainable AWWA-certified steel, InfraShield® offers several advantages over competing seismic joint systems. Its resilient construction maintains watertight integrity and can withstand multiple shocks during and after events, unlike PVC or HPDE pipe. The InfraShield® system can be used with other joining systems, and can provide superior performance after an event when installed in a pipeline's geohazard or seismic zones.

InfraShield® is designed to provide a substantially lower cost of lifetime ownership compared to other seismic resilient systems that may require special field crew training, installation oversight from the manufacturer, or even overseas delivery. In addition to the ease of installation and reliability, InfraShield® delivers joint soundness without perfect trench grading or soil stability.

"From a contractor's perspective, InfraShield® installs no differently than other lap-welded C200 pipe. Our seismic resilient solution requires no additional training, supervision, or specialized tools. This means quick installation with no additional installation costs or risks," states Scott Montross, President and CEO of Northwest Pipe Company. "In recent years, our Company has invested capital in water infrastructure research and development. This is one case where our team came up with a solution that can truly improve the livability for communities in active seismic zones."

The Northwest Pipe team will be introducing the innovative joint system at the upcoming American Society of Civil Engineering's Lifelines Conference which will be held virtually in February. Please visit the event website ( for more information on paper presentations.

About Northwest Pipe Company – Founded in 1966, Northwest Pipe Company is a leading manufacturer for water-related infrastructure products. In addition to being the largest manufacturer of engineered steel water pipeline systems in North America, the Company manufactures high-quality precast and reinforced concrete products; water, wastewater, and stormwater equipment; steel casing pipe; bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe; and one of the largest offerings of pipeline system joints, fittings, and specialized components. Strategically positioned to meet growing water and wastewater infrastructure needs, Northwest Pipe Company provides solution-based products for a wide range of markets under the ParkUSA, Geneva Pipe and Precast, and Permalok® lines. The Company's diverse team is committed to quality and innovation while demonstrating the Company's core values of accountability, commitment, and teamwork. The Company is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, and has 13 manufacturing facilities across North America. Please visit for more information.

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